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Animation Cowboy is a world-class animation studio built on the free-spirited yet hard-workin’ ideals of the frontier. We make custom videos to fit all styles and tastes; and always with an artful focus on branding. We ain’t talkin’ about cattle—we’re talking about consistency in design and message that can make your business darn near impossible to forget.

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Whether you aim to explain a product, raise funds, or improve conversion rates, our unique cinematic approach to videos will seal the deal.

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Shai Ben Artzi

CEO, Spikko

Donna Griffit

Corporate Storyteller

Ramel Levin

VP Marketing, Cloudendure

"We looked for the best animation solution, as this is a key factor for the success of the product and brand. We chose Animation Cowboy after research and meetings we performed. Animation Cowboy proved to be highly professional and responsive. The result is excellent and we are very pleased. We highly recommend Animation Cowboy."

"When it comes to animated shorts, product videos, kickstarter campaigns, etc. you simply cannot beat Avi and Animation Cowboy Studio. His creativity, vision, professionalism and speed are unmatched. It's like he can magically transform my words into exactly the images I imagined!"

"As a Marketing VP, I know how critical 60 seconds can be when it comes to a company video. This has an impact on leads, customers, media and investors. Animation Cowboy took a complex story and were able to distill it into a beautifully made video telling our story with an impact. "

Raised 1M$

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Raised 7M$

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7 Reasons to Use Video Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of running a business.  Unfortunately, it is also one of the most overlooked.  If you`re thinking of investing in new forms of online advertising, consider these 7 benefits to video marketing.


Creating the Perfect Investor Video (And Finding the Perfect Investors)

Nearly all businesses seek investors at some point or another--and there are a wide variety of reasons to do so.  Perhaps your business is just starting up and you need funding in order to get off the ground; perhaps you are looking to expand to new markets and new locations; perhaps you’re looking to finance a new project.  Whatever the case may be, the first step will be finding people who are willing to invest in your business and your ideas.


From the

Cowboy's Diary

Animation Cowboy was an

Award Winner

History Channel / Aniboom's  competition was fierce as any shootout: over 10 hours of video was submitted by dozens of animators hailing from 24 countries all around the globe.

“The Low Road,”  a creation of Animation Cowboy CEO Avi Graiver, quickly became a fan favorite, check out Avi Graver’s interview with the Aniboom team.

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