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Ace-high scriptwriters

Animation Cowboy offer the skills of exceptional scriptwriters  with years of experience and an international reputation in corporate storytelling.



Our philosophy is fundamentally grounded in branding, so we make sure all our videos reflect and enhance your brand’s essence. All aspects of your video will be custom-made specifically for your company.


If you want to shoot. shoot in Hollywood

We do more than animation. Our Hollywood crew is ready to shoot your video at the drop of a hat, if you so choose.


One stop shop

Our services is not limited to video and animation productions. With our sister brand Design Gunslinger: We're making sure all your marketing assets will be aligned in language, as well as providing all the rest of visual solutions a business needs.


You are the sheriff

You will receive a dedicated team that stands at your service giving all required attention to complete projects in any scope or emergency.


Proven success

Our award winning studio holds the reins of success for more than 7 years. Behind us stands a plethora of many success stories and greens we've helped raise.

- Avi Graiver, CEO / Creative Director

Meet The Team

We’ve Got  a Hankerin’ to Create Great Videos.

Why We Are a Wanted Animation Studio?

We make sure your video will look like nothing before, unique and tailored to your brand.  With our in-depth experience we create not just beautiful videos but also effective that hit straight between the eyes and bring results.

Best animator from Los Angeles and United States and worldwide: 2D animator, 3D animator, animation producer, animation expert.

"You have only one bullet to hit your viewer - We make sure it's a bullseye!"

Once upon a time in the west… A company just like yours realized they needed great visual storytelling to build their brand and sell their products. They needed a hired gun: someone quick on the draw who could hit the target every time.

That’s when a mysterious stranger rode into town.

The stranger sized up the challenge and got the lay of the land. Before you knew it, he was taking care of business, wielding every tool needed to tell the right story in the right way. When the job was done, he slipped quietly out of town…

Thus was born the legend, and the studio: Animation Cowboy.

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Best animator from Los Angeles and United States and worldwide: 2D animator, 3D animator, animation producer, animation expert.