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The decision to download an app takes seconds, just like drawing a gun in a duel. An effective video is a critical factor in decision making, so it is better to hit the viewer's expectations in a single creative shot, quick and accurate that will take him down. Now let's see if he won't pull that trigger.













Mobile applications are an exciting field because virtually anyone with a good idea and a bit of talent can design an app that changes the world. In fact—as many designers, investors, and tech companies quickly realize—creating the app itself is not always the most difficult aspect of attaining success. The true challenge lies in getting your message out there.

That’s where a top-notch animation can come in mighty handy. Here’s the low down on why an application video can help you achieve your goals.


Capture attention Quickly.

As mentioned above, mobile users make decisions quickly. If you’re going to convince them that your application is really worth downloading, you need to grab their attention from the get-go and explain how your app can make their lives better!


Explain You Application.

One of the oldest marketing axioms says that we should show, not tell. Explaining everything an application does can take quite a bit of text—and even then, your explanation will be stale, boring, and incomplete. Instead, let visuals, music, and a script do the work for you!


Stand out from the Competition.

Google play currently offers over two million apps. So does the Apple app store. Windows Store, Amazon App Store, and Blackberry World combine for nearly another two million apps. In other words, there’s a lot of competition out there! If you want mobile users to choose your app, you need to show them that your app is special!


Rank Better on Google.

An explainer video for your mobile application can double as fantastic content for your website. Not only will this allow potential customers to quickly see and understand what you are all about, it can also help make the content on your website more diverse, thus raising your search engine rankings.


Be Memorable.

Studies have shown that people tend to remember information they receive via video far better than they retain information that they have read. This is an important statistic that marketers would do well to remember.


Be Shareable.

Video is also generally far more entertaining and captivating than text alone—which makes it more likely to be shared. What better way to promote your application than by letting your fans share it with their friends?


Be You.

Last but not least, video allows you to showcase your company and its unique values and “personality.” Here at Animation Cowboy, we believe that this aspect is especially important—which is why we work hard to emphasize branding in each and every video that we make. By showing your customers something special, original, and authentic about your company, you make your business more memorable while establishing both interest and trust!



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