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There is no challenge the cowboy can't bear. We like tough assignments that takes us far into the highlands of creativity. We have all trained mercenaries and each one of them is an expert in his field in an international level, so don't believe your vision is unrealistic– Our tough sharpshooters will make sure it will become a reality.

What else can Animation Cowboy do for you?


Do not think that what we do is limited into the few simple categories above. In fact, we can do animations for just about anything! Whatever the marketing needs of your business, we are here to help. Below is a list of just a few of the many types of videos we can do. This list is certainly not complete—we are always flexible and ready to adapt to your unique, individual needs.


  1. Animations with text. These are a good way of telling a story, a message, or a motto visually. In videos such as these, the words are seen to spread out in interesting ways over the screen as we hear them said by whomever is speaking. This is a quirky and fun twist on regular old text advertisements.

  2. Commercials. Any type of commercial is our specialty. Just let us know how you want it animated and we can get it done. Whether marketing a product or a service, online or on TV, to an audience young or old, we know just hot to get it right.

  3. Music videos. Music videos are a fun way of advertising through a smart mixture of music and animation. These can be short little jungles or fully developed songs.

  4. Tutorial videos. If your product is a certain type of software whose use needs explaining, we can use animation to make the step-by-step use clear and easy.

  5. Lesson teaching/other informational videos. Any kind of informational or educational video can be animated to suit the needs of you, the customer, for a fair and honest price.

  6. Comparisons with other products. If you are looking to compare your product’s functionality or beauty to that of a competing brand, Animation Cowboy can do that too! This is a great way to draw customers who already exist in your

  7. Public service announcement. If you are looking to spread awareness of a certain idea, problem, product, or anything else through a smart and entertaining public service announcement, animation is one of the most cost effective ways to make it shine.

  8. Brand character. If you are looking to introduce an animated brand character or mascot for your company, Animation Cowboy is the perfect place to turn that vision into a reality. We specialize in attractive and artistically refined animations made to catch your customers’ eyes.

  9. Advertisement through short story/anecdote. If you are looking to tell a short story through animation, for the sake of entertainment or direct marketing, Animation Cowboy is the right place for you. Whether this is short or long, funny or sad, realistic or magical—we can do it all.

  10. Re-branding existing company. If your company is changing its name or its image, and needs a video that can convey this clearly to your audience, you are in luck. Animations are a great way to catch the attention of even the most glossy-eyed internet browser, and make them think!

  11. Other fundraising. Our fundraising videos are not limited simply to crowd funding. If you need a promotional video for any kind of fundraising even, let us know, and we’ll give you a quote.

  12. Software. Like applications, some software needs explaining and marketing in order to catch on. We can advertise any kind of software—and do it in style.

  13. How your company works/other types of explainers. Our explainers are not limited to startups either. Any type of informational video is another of our many specialties.

  14. Any other type of marketing video. As was mentioned earlier, this list is not entirely comprehensive. If you have any other type of video idea that is not listed above, feel free to contact us with questions and comments. The odds are that if you can think of it, we can draw it!



MArketing video for real estate






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MArketing video for real estate
MArketing video for real estate