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The struggle is real for the modern city dwellers and urban warriors in looking for the perfect parking space for their car. This explainer video for startup apps like Parkey seems like the answer to this issue.

The app video clearly explains what this technology can do for you during your daily struggle. Parkey is everyone’s dream app to finally be able to avail of that elusive parking space. The application video by the Animation Cowboy video production company shows how Parkey can help us reserve parking spaces even while still being on the road. The video is the perfect explainer to orient us about the app’s features, and how it can help you maximize your time and keep your sanity.


The animated explainer video makes you more excited over the benefits of Parkey and how it will help you deal with one seemingly small task, but which can effectively ruin or make your day. This is how startup videos should look like – short, concise, straight to the point. It definitely makes one excited to try Parkey as their parking-searching app of choice. Because really, there should be more important things to do with our time than waste it on chasing a parking space.


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