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Unlike a typical identity or a marketing video, product video goes in depth and it explains in detail how a product works, how you use it, and all of its features. A killer video strategy also includes a marketing video and several product videos to convey the whole information to your customers. When you have aquired all of this, you'll know you are on the horse!

One of the best ways to market something you are selling is to make a video for your product--be it a simple ad, an explanation of what the product is, or an in-depth description of how the product works. This will help you gather and retain an audience much more swiftly that by almost any other method. Here’s why:


  • Video allows your audience to see your product in action and watch how to interact with it. This is something that could be difficult to explain in text. Particularly if your product is complex or overly specialized, it could be extremely helpful for your audience to understand what it does if you walk them through it in simple steps during a video.


  • Video allows you to appeal to your audience in ways that you otherwise could not. For example, a great way to catch your audience’s attention is by using visual or audial stimulation like music or graphics. If these are appealing to your audience, it may encourage them to watch your video all the way through.


  • Videos can present your product in a number of ways. They are extremely flexible mediums. Your video does not need to seem like an infomercial. It could tell a story, sing a song, or paint a picture. This is a great way of connecting with your audience.


All these factors make product features and how-to video seem like a mighty fine way to promote, no? Here’s the catch. Your video has to be compelling. If you truly want to capture and hold onto your audience’s attention, you’ve gotta be interesting and original. Here are a few of the dos and don’ts that are worth considering. As you might have guessed, they are also guiding principles for us here at Animation Cowboy.


The Dos in product video


  • Catch your audience’s attention from the first moment. Easier said than done, right? However it is essential that you have something to say, do, or show within the first few seconds of the video that will surprise or intrigue your audience. Take some time to make sure this is the case.


  • Use music. A good upbeat song playing in the background can never hurt the aesthetic of your video. Just make sure that it is not too loud or distracting to your audience.


  • Use interesting graphics. Displaying data or visual examples of concepts could help your audience make a more informed decision about whether or not they need your product.


The Don’ts in product video


  • Do not make your video seem like an infomercial or a sales pitch. There is no better way to bore your audience than to show them the same conventional type of advertising they would see on television. Here is an idea: make the audience want your product before they even know what it is.


  • Do not let the whole video be a shot of you standing and speaking. Even if only for a short part of the video, feature something else. Mixing it up will help your audience stay interested.


Animation Cowboy Can Help You Explain Your Products to the world in video.


Here at Animation Cowboy, we specialize in making videos that inform and entertain while also establishing and promoting your unique brand. After all, the goal of many how-to videos goes beyond simply explaining your product. A good how-to video should increase loyalty and satisfaction among existing customers and clients, while sparking interest among potential customers and clients. Branding is a crucial element of this because it encourages people to remember your company, your products, and your message.


Last but not least, we understand the importance of results. From producing specially targeted videos to helping you promote your videos once they are completed--we never take our eyes of the prize: ROI. We know that your video is ultimately worth the number of customers and clients that it brings you, That is why we are committed to helping you make videos that are worth every penny. Our specialty at Animation Cowboy is high quality animation designed to help your customers recognize, understand and love your product.









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