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Introduce your brand, tell the story, explain the product, target the consumer. An effective explainer video must accomplish a lot in little time, so there ain’t no sense in leaving such an important task to amateurs. We are here to help and show off what your company will be bringin’ to the table with a killer animation or live-action explainer video that will make investors open their wallets.

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 There’s no better way for a startup to present itself to potential customers, clients, and investors than through a concise explainer video.

Explainer videos allow new companies to tell the world who they are and what they do. They allow companies to explain new products, services, and ideas quickly and efficiently while being both entertaining and informative. They have become extremely common in a very short period of time--a fact that demonstrates both how effective and how necessary explainer videos are.


What are Startup Explainer Videos Used For?

Most startups use explainer videos for one or more of the following purposes:


  • Introducing themselves and their products on the homepage of their website.
  • Presenting their ideas to potential investors.
  • Marketing themselves to potential customers and clients.
  • Enhancing email marketing campaigns with more engaging content.
  • Sharing across social media platforms in order to improve brand awareness.
  • Incorporating video into their blog in order to break up the monotony of text while explaining a product, service, or concept in a way that would be difficult for words alone to achieve.
  • Making sales pitches or meetings more engaging.
  • As a conversion optimizer for their app store products.


Of course, the only real limit on what you can use your startup explainer video for is your imagination.


What to Include in an Explainer Video.

Each and every startup is unique--which is why their explainer videos should be, as well. That being said, there are a few basic questions that should be included in every explainer video. For example, most explainer videos should:


  • Introduce the name of the company, the slogan, the logo, and any other essential components of the branding strategy.
  • Share the company’s mission, philosophy, and values.
  • Demonstrate what the company does. This could mean showing off an important product, explaining a key service, or even sharing multiple products and services with the viewer.
  • Let the view know why and how your product will improve their lives or their businesses.
  • Create a distinctive “voice” in which the company speaks. This is an important component of branding.
  • Accomplish all of this in a brief period of time in order to retain attention and achieve maximum effect on the viewers.


Why Invest in a Startup Explainer Video?

For most startup businesses, funds are tight and every penny counts. Explainer videos are still worth it. In fact, this is exactly why startup explainer videos are a good investment. Explainer videos allow you to make an excellent first impression that is both informative and attention-catching, thus obtaining customers and clients faster and more efficiently than you would have been able to do with simple text and photos alone. An explainer video is one of the most powerful marketing tools available, and they are a near necessity in this day and age. Last but not least, investing in quality video has become surprisingly affordable in recent years--and we are proud to offer top-notch video at an accessible price here at Animation Cowboy.


Why Animation?

Animated explainer videos offer amazing versatility and the potential for unlimited creativity. It allows complex ideas to be broken down easily into small and easy to digest parts. And it is scientifically proven to capture the attention quickly. At Animation Cowboy, we believe that animation offers unparalleled potential for memorable branding and effective marketing. Of course, we also offer the option of live-action video in conjunction with our off-site Hollywood video crew for those who feel their brand would be expressed better through traditional film. Whatever you needs may be, we are prepared to meet the here at Animation Cowboy!


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Explainer video for a startup Explainer video for startup
Explainer video for a startup
Explainer video for startup