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 To animate is to bring to life. That’s exact what we aim to do here at Animation Cowboy. Our animation production is based upon the concept that marketing videos should do more than just explain, they should establish a brand and speak that brand’s language—both visually and verbally.

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Startup Explainers

Introduce your brand, tell the story, explain the product, target the consumer. An effective explainer video must accomplish a lot in little time, so there ain’t no sense in leaving such...

Apps Videos

The decision to download an app takes seconds, just like drawing a gun in a duel. An effective video is a critical factor in decision making, so it is better to hit the viewer's expectations in a single...

Crowdfunding Videos

Ain’t no doubt about it—a snappy video is crucial to any crowdfunding campaign. You’ve gotta put a serious face forward if you want people to believe in your vision. So you need a...

Identity Videos

Identity video's goal first and foremost is to create a communication with the target audience, to make sure they will meet the heart of the brand, its essence, and not only the related services or products...

Product/How To Videos

Unlike a typical identity or a marketing video, product video goes in depth and it explains in detail how a product works, how you use it, and all of its features. A killer video strategy also includes a...

TV, Real Estate, AR etc..

There is no challenge the cowboy can't bear. We like tough assignments that takes us far into the highlands of creativity. We have all trained mercenaries and each one of them is...

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